Real Human Skull Bone & Sterling Silver Brooch

$ 599.00

These brooches are some of the rarest kind i do because the triangle shape is picked special due to the suture lines meeting in the center. This connection is called the Bregma and is where the Sagittal suture (center of skull from front to back) and the Coronal suture (from ear to ear) meet at the top of the skull. Each skull only has one of these and they have a really wonderful aesthetic. The setting is solid sterling silver and each is handmade to order. This piece has a sterling pin on the back with a catch...there is also a special part I can make that slides on to turn my brooches into a necklace as well. The back of the setting has been cut away to show the amazing texture of the natural bone from behind, the bone is held in place with a scalloped bezel and Fine silver beads at each point. Please read the "About Me" page for information on my materials and the history of my work. Email for custom options, metals, styles, etc.