Real Human Skull Sutures Set in Sterling Silver With 1850's Coffin Nails

$ 549.00

Real Human skull bone, cut at the suture points and set in sterling silver. This Pendant also has hand forged coffin nails from the mid 1800's surrounding the bone. The silver has been control melted along the outside edge and fused to the steel nails while giving it a very rustic and natural look. The bail on this piece is also a small nail from the same period, shaped to hold the chain. Each pendant is unique as each skull and nail are unique to the individual, picture is a close representation of the pendant you will receive. Custom orders are welcome and options can be made to fit in style, shape, size and metals used. Please send an email to to initiate a custom order and check on pricing and other options. Also please read the "about me" section for more information about the materials I use and work i do.